ATARI 8 bit emulator

Stable Release 1.85 

This is the stable release that has been tested for a longer period and should work fine on most platforms. You can download the sources directly here: atari++_1.85.tar.gz

atari++ 1.81 for win32

The latest built (binary) of atari++ for the win32 platform:
This is a stable release, based on the 1.81 snapshot. Includes the SDL library. No ROM Images required.

Reporting Bugs

Please help me to improve atari++ further and report bugs to thorfdbg at alumni dot TU-Berlin dot de.
(Please replace words in email address by the obvious letters, I get too much spam anyhow...)

To help me reproduce bugs, please always report with full version number and architecture (e.g., "release 1.84 for Linux") and include your configuration file (.atari++.conf). If the bug appears for a specific program, include an image of the program if possible, and provide a memory/state snapshot for "crash" situations. These snapshots can be generated in the "Full Menu" reachable by the F1 function key. Go there to the "Preferences" topic, and select Save State.

Os++ ROM and Os++ System Disk Manual

Starting with release 1.73, Atari++ includes not only a full operating system, but a "System disk" that includes a full tool chain around Os++. This features an FMS Overlay Manager to reduce the DOS footprint to 256 bytes, a RS232 serial device handler and a Os++ compliant DUP Menu. Download the System Disk on this page.

The System Disk sources are part of the Os++ sources and available there for download. Please also note the Os++ Manual and Memory Map documenting the tools.

Basic++ ROM

Versions 1.80 and up include a Basic dialect compatible to Atari Basic. Basic++ is able to execute all Atari Basic programs, but is slightly extended, and a lot faster yet still fits into the 8K ROM space. The Basic++ sources and available for free for download for everyone. If you want to find out more on Basic++, please check the Basic++ Manual also including a memory map and a list of all features.

Previous Versions

win32 binaries:


ROM Sources

Atari++ 1.30 and up contain a built-in ROM emulation that tries to mimic the AtariXL operating system closely. Since the emulator sources contain this ROM only in the form of a hex dump, you might want to look into its sources:

Please download it here: os++.tar.gz

To compile and assemble the Os sources, you need a C compiler, the GNU make utility, the fileutils and the ca65 assembler.